How to Get Your Home Ready for an Open House

January 27, 2016

An open house will attract the attention of buyers and make the home selling process much easier. But there is a catch – your home has to be in good shape. Otherwise, people will walk into your home, glance around, and then walk back out.

You don’t get two chances to make a first impression. Here are some tips to get your property ready for an open house.

Clean it up

This is pretty obvious, and yet many people fail to keep their home neat and tidy when potential buyers turn up. Dust, vacuum, wash, and scrub. Clean the ovens, wardrobes, cupboards, and outside areas including the garden. Remove tripping hazards such as shoes and other items from the entrance.

Give your home a big clean several days in advance and then maintain it in good condition until it gets sold. This makes it easy to prepare the home for an open house.

Get your trash cans emptied and the mailbox cleared. If you can’t do the cleaning up on your own, consider hiring a professional declutterer.

Let light and air enter your home

Air out the property thoroughly before inviting people to see it. Good ventilation will ensure that your home feels clean and fresh. If the weather permits, there is no harm in keeping one or two windows open during the open house. Draw back curtains to let sunlight enter your home. It gives a positive vibe to the home and kills germs as well.

Pet smells can turn people off. If you have been sharing your space with your pets for a while, you will have become used to their smells and stains. But the same smells that you no longer notice will instantly turn off a buyer. So deodorize your home before holding it open. Feeding bowls and pet toys should be stowed away. Don’t forget to remove your pets from the home during inspections.

Make your home appear less artificial by adding personal elements here and there. Collect photos that showcase the best features of your home and then display them in an album. Buyers who are interested in the property will definitely want to flick through. Place fresh flowers in vases.

Smells are as important as sights. Your home might look spectacular, but if it does not smell good, you will have a tough time finding a buyer. Use flowers, air fresheners, or candles to mask the unpleasant smells, if any.

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