Organizing Your Pantry in 5 Easy Steps

January 27, 2016

An organized pantry is a relief for the one who cooks. When you know exactly where each food item is kept, cooking becomes easier and hassle-free. And that’s not the only advantage – weekly or daily meal planning and grocery shopping become easier with an organized pantry. Here are some easy steps in which you can cleanup your pantry.

Step1: Remove the clutter

The first step is to remove the extra items, including all the expired food. When you begin cleaning up, you’ll be surprised at the number of expired items that you’ll find. Decluttering will open up a lot of space and help you get fresh and healthier foods. If you find an item that is unopened, unexpired, and is not getting used, it’s best to give it to the homeless. This way, you can reduce wastage and help others as well.

Step 2: Categorize the items

Arranging things according to categories will help you find them easily when you’re looking for them. Some categories could be – spices, dried foods, canned foods, beverages, root vegetables, and pet foods. When you categorize things, you might find that one item belongs in multiple categories. You can place it in any category that you like.

Step 3: Make an inventory

Create a spreadsheet or a notebook on which you can write down the items that you have. You can create columns for the food item name, its amount in the pantry, and the minimum amount to which that item can decline before you go and buy more. When you keep a track of all the items, you will not run out of important food products.

Step 4: Containerize your food

There are certain foods that need to “breathe”, such as potatoes. Make sure you don’t put them in containers. Apart from such foods, you can put things in airtight containers so that they are not affected by the moisture in the air. Containers will also keep your food safe from pests and insects. And they don’t just keep your food safe, they also help in keeping the pantry clean and organized.

Step 5: Label the containers

Labels make sure that you don’t have to open the containers to see what’s inside. Also, with labels, you won’t get confused between similar looking items (such as flour and salt). When you add labels, make sure you mention the expiration date on them. You can also label the shelves for the kind of products they hold.

With these five steps, you can have a clean and organized pantry that is spotless and good-looking.

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