Cut Those Power Bills – Save Energy in Your New Home

January 27, 2016

Moving into your new home is exciting, but it costs a pretty penny. As you begin settling in, you’ll find that you want to spend to personalize and customize your home, and you should! Nothing says ‘home’ as much as artwork or décor that reflects your family’s tastes. If you can save on your energy bills, consider it extra money to spend on those throw cushions.

Check the efficiency of your plumbing

Before moving in, you would have completed inspections of the plumbing systems in washrooms, toilets, and the kitchen. Keep an eye for leaking faucets, drainage under sinks, and flushes that are not functioning properly so that you are not spending for wastage.

Maintain your cooling and heating systems

Your air filters should be clean and new. A dirty filter forces air-handling systems to work harder, which will push your energy bills up. Stock up on air filters so that you can change them regularly. This helps improve the quality of air in your home.

Go green

With the green movement becoming mainstream, it is not only economical to turn to natural ways of heating or cooling your home, it’s also fashionable.

  • Plant trees close to your home. They’ll offer shade and fresh air to keep you cool for years to come. Make sure you get trees that will offer shade and keep down the external temperature of the house.
  • Get nature to help with household tasks. Install a clothesline or a rack to dry clothes so you don’t need to run the clothes dryer regularly. When the weather is good, you can hang clothes to dry in the breeze.

Customize your home

  • Install a programmable thermostat so that your home isn’t working when your family isn’t there. You can choose to program the heating and cooling when you need it, and automatically switch off when not needed. You’ll find that this reduces your energy bills to a large extent.
  • Put in drapes or blinds to maintain the internal temperature of your home. This will reduce cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter, and also protect furniture and upholstery from fading.
  • Install ceiling fans in rooms to provide circulating air and gentle cooling. When summers are not too warm, ceiling fans allow the room to stay cool without the need to turn the air-conditioning up too much.

It’s a good idea to work on a list that reminds you to perform checks on a regular basis. If you make all these changes soon after you move in, you should notice a substantial reduction in your energy costs over time.