Creating First Impressions – Designing a Tidy and Stylish Entryway

January 27, 2016

When guests enter your home, their first impression comes from your entryway. Your entryway tells the story of your family and you want it to be welcoming, stylish, and reflective of your identity. You also want your entryway to be functional and comfortable for the benefit of your own family.

It’s not hard to design and maintain an entryway that is all of the above. It’s not so much about how large the space is, but rather about how well you utilize it. Here are some DIY projects to improve your entryway.

Improve the lighting

There’s no point working on all the charming little features and extra touches if visitors can’t see them. If your entryway doesn’t get enough natural light, you should find ways to illuminate it. There are all sorts of options – a cozy corner lamp to cast a warm glow, a bright overhead light to light up the entire hallway, or even a string of fairy lights to charm your visitors. You could also opt for motion-sensor lighting that switches on a light as soon as you move towards the entryway. No more fumbling in the dark.

Freshen it up

It says a lot if your entryway is dusty, littered, and unkempt. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and varnish on the door always brightens things up.
Place a sachet of potpourri or incense sticks to keep your entryway smelling fresh. This is especially helpful if your family stores their socks and shoes in the entryway!
A few potted plants can make the entryway come alive. Whether you choose a small plant for a desk or tabletop, or a floor-standing tall plant for a corner, do ensure you select a plant that will thrive in the indoor conditions.

Make it easy to be organized

When your family enters the house, where do they place their bags, coats, and shoes? If you face a mess every time you walk into the entryway, it just means there isn’t enough storage. Invest in a rack or closet for shoes (the easier it is to take out or put in the shoes, the more likely it is to be used), a bench to sit, a bin for umbrellas, and a coat-rack or hooks for jackets.

A tray for paper mail and a magnetic key shelf/container for keys are small touches that help your entryway stay organized.

These are all functional items, but you can find stylish pieces that suit your home décor. Look for straw, wood, metalwork, or ceramic instead of plastic materials to add interesting textures and contrasts to the entryway.