Fall Décor Ideas

January 27, 2016

Yes, fall is very much here. While the days are still somewhat sunny, they are also a bit too cold to spend a lot of time outdoors. This is not particularly bad though – now you have plenty of time to do fun DIY projects! Here are some simple DIY projects to celebrate this season of colors.

Make a trip to the farmers market

Buy plenty of apples, pears, pumpkins, maize, and squash. Group them in an attractive cornucopia. Display them in beautiful bowls on the mantle or on your porch. Take a little Vaseline and apply it all over the pumpkins to make them last the entire season.

Go for a walk in the park and pick out perfect branches, leaves, and acorns

Place beautiful branches and leaves in your vases or candleholders. They make attractive fall displays.

Pumpkin lights

You can make beautiful candleholders from pumpkins. Take a miniature pumpkin and make a small hole in it. It should be deep and wide enough to accommodate a votive candle.

Have fun with fall foliage

Affix fall leaves to tea lights or jars with ribbons or spray adhesive. The candle light gleaming through those leaves will be incredibly beautiful.

Make flower pots from pumpkins

Take a carving knife and make beautiful flower pots from a pumpkin. Of course, this job requires some creative skills, but they are great for adding some curb appeal to your home.

‘Age’ galvanized buckets

Old galvanized buckets make beautiful rustic vases, but you don’t necessarily have to live in a farmhouse to be near them. Soak a new galvanized bucket in vinegar to age it artificially.

Personalize your home with wood slices

Cute wreaths are a great way to personalize your home. There are plenty of other ideas too. For example, you can create door mats from wood slices. Apply some chalkboard paint on them and then create interesting monograms or seasonal messages. You can buy wood slices from a crafts store.

Dress up your sofas and chairs

The temperature is falling and you have probably already started layering on sweaters. Use knit or plaid blankets to warm up your chairs and sofas. Feeling more ambitious? Try knitting your own blankets.

Create an unconventional autumn bouquet

Create an autumn bouquet with an uncommon combination of vegetables, berries, fruits, and flowers. Secure pears, small gourds, and cabbage heads to thin dowels to add that surprising flair.

Make natural vases from gourds

Squash and gourds are available in all colors and shapes. You can create great seasonal vases from them. Take a large gourd and cut a hole in it. It should be wide enough to accommodate some florist tubes.

Don’t limit yourself to these ideas – just explore the market and you’ll find several small things that could be used for DIY projects. Have fun!