January 27, 2016

Going to Hire a REALTOR®? Stop and Read This First

Planning to invest in property? You need the expertise of a good realtor on your side. Most people hire the first agent they run into. But this is not exactly a wise idea. While there are many great realtors out there, it’s always wise to compare a few to see if you’re getting the right guy (or girl). Here are some of the things you need to consider before hiring a realtor.

Find someone who is honest

The realtor will make money only when the transaction takes place. This, however, doesn’t mean that they should make a deal appear juicier than it actually is. A good realtor will tell you what you can expect to buy in your area for your price range.

Make sure they understand the locality

Investors should know about the communities and neighborhoods they invest in. If you are investing in an area you are not familiar with, it is important to hire a realtor who specializes in that locality. Find an experienced realtor who has been around for a while. They should know the neighborhood inside out.

Hire someone who has a large network of connections

A realtor should have electricians, roofers, and general inspectors in their network. This will enable them to obtain fair rates for buyers. The realtor should also have connections with sellers’ agents in the neighborhood.

Find someone who acts quickly and follows up tirelessly

A realtor who works quickly and tirelessly wins the admiration of their clients. They should be able to set up inspections, schedule visits, and draft offers quickly. First time buyers are interested in the tangential aspects of a property. They want their realtor to ask questions on their behalf.

They should be ready to take risks

There is a difference between buying property for your own use and buying an investment property, so find an agent who has worked with similar types of property before. Your realtor should be able to help you make a good offer that is likely to be accepted. If you know other investors in your area, ask them to suggest a good realtor.

They should be easy to work with

It is important that you hire someone who makes you feel comfortable. No one wants to hire a realtor who is difficult to work with. The real estate agent has to be up front and open. They must not keep any information hidden from you. Also, they must not forget to reveal important details.

No matter which real estate agent or team you choose, make sure that they are qualified enough to help you succeed as a buyer. If you think they lack something, maybe you should look for someone else.