Sell Your Property This Spring With Our Easy Tips

May 4, 2016

Spring is probably the best season for selling property as the real estate market gives a good price then. It’s the time of sunshine, flowers, and some showers. Your landscaping looks the finest and you get to fetch the maximum prices. However, you need the right setup before you list your home this spring. Here are some pointers:


Spring cleaning is a must

Clean up real nice for the spring. You can pressure wash the front walk, patio, driveway, and house. Many experts suggest cleaning and repainting the front door as the buyers linger on near the front door the maximum time while the agent opens the door. Also make sure to clean the windows properly.


Do the essential repairs

If you know that something is broken, it’s a good idea to fix it, because the buyer’s inspector will find it out anyway. If your home has not been maintained properly, you can hire a home inspector so that you can make the necessary repairs before selling. This will make sure that your home fetches the right amount. It would cost less to fix anything that’s broken than to sell it without fixing. Buyers might want you to give a discount of $400 for something that would cost only $150 to fix.


Take care of your yard

Give your yard some touch-ups. Clear up the winter debris and get some frost resistant plants (just in case there is another cold spell). Flowers will add color to the yard and give it a spring look. Also, take care to trim the bushes and trees so that your house is easily visible as buyers drive by. It’s a good idea to put the mulch down at least a few days prior to an open house.


Charge right

While real estate prices are rising in most areas, the sellers should still be realistic and compare their property with similar properties in the neighborhood. Today’s buyers have many ways to compare home prices, so if yours isn’t reasonably priced, there are very few chances of it being sold. And once you decrease the price on your listing, it can harm its value, so it’s best to price it right the first time.


Hire the right people to market your home

A lot of buyers start house hunting online. To sell your home, it’s always a good idea to add professional photos, a lively description, and a virtual tour. If you’re good at marketing, you wouldn’t have a problem. However, if you’re not (or if you don’t have enough time for it), you can hire a marketing manager to handle this work for you.